Pricepoint signs partnership with online installer marketplace UBoom

Pricepoint Sales, leading supplier of remote sales and survey software to the installer sector has signed a partnership with dynamic online installer marketplace UBoom.

Speaking about the partnership Sales and Marketing Director for Pricepoint Sales Shaun McAllister stated “we are delighted to have signed this partnership. Obviously, our product has been developed to be online, and it seems to us that one of the best ways to promote it is through other online platforms.  The new UBoom installer marketplace fits the bill”.

“We especially like the fact that the marketplace only offers one of each type of product; it means we can put our energies into promoting the platform as a whole and introduce our customers to the amazing business support tools it offers.  We are delighted to be able to offer them support to become even better, more sustainable and more profitable businesses as they seek to come through the challenging times we have recently faced, and go forward to be prosperous into the future.  This is really exciting for us as we develop our own position in the marketplace”.

“We are delighted to be involved with UBoom and think it will be really well received by the installer sector”.

For more information about UBoom

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