Shaun McAllister appointed to drive sales for pricepoint

Shaun McAllister has joined leading industry software company MP Logic to head up the sales and marketing of pricepoint, their new remote selling tool for installers.

Shaun who has previously held senior roles at Anglian, Everest and the GGF is ideally placed to understand the challenges facing installers, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the obstacles it has put in the way of their traditional way of doing business. 

Speaking about his appointment Shaun commented “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to head up sales and marketing for this brand-new software suite from one of the Fenestration industry’s most respected developers”.

“For those wanting the latest tools to help them adapt quickly to the new world of working, pricepoint is perfect. It enables installers to sell to their customers online where they’re not able to meet them face to face or use it in the customers home where they still can. Even better is that it is available right now, tried, tested and fully operational”.

“What excites me first and foremost though is that pricepoint has been developed by ‘window people’, people who really understand the technical aspects of the products in the industry, and the challenges of installation.  Let me give you an example of why this is so important.  Within the design of the software the team has developed ‘Manufacturing Intelligence’, a background programme that can assess every style and size combination entered into the system by an installer and immediately identify if it can be made or not.  If it can’t then it immediately flags it up enabling the installer to make changes and offer the homeowner a different design, there and then”.

“The impact of this feature is huge; it is a real safeguard for the installer.  I say installer, but of course those using the system in front of the homeowner might be sales people, and again for them in terms of their professionalism it is a real asset and a great way for them, and our industry, to use technology to its fullest”.

“The same people who developed the system are also there, hands on to provide demos of the system to those interested in looking at it.  We have taken a really personable approach to engaging with the industry and the whole team from the MD downwards is available to talk to potential customers to explain the system and answer all the questions they may have.  The same people operate a full time help desk to support our customers”.

“We have developed pricepoint to be a real value for money tool for installers.  We know, even more so at this time than ever before, that installer don’t want to be burdened with huge costs.  We understand the challenges they face in their business, and it is why we are seeing such a rapid uptake in the use of the software”.

“The system itself is crammed full of amazing features including over 1 million window and door designs, all the colours you can imaging, bays and bows, bi-folding doors and composite doors”.

“Installers can build up their price for a job while talking to the customer, add fitting costs and building works and present them with a truly professional quote for the works they require.  They can do this using their existing price books to add costs as they build up the quote, or they can have their prices built directly into pricepoint electronically to take away another task, allowing them to focus solely on the customer and what they would like to achieve”.

“We are adding new products to the system all the time, working with many of the main system houses to include specific details about their products and adding to the software capability as well with a brand new surveyor app ready for launch very soon”.

“Before that however will be the launch of our visualiser, a major development which enables the installer to show the homeowner how their new windows and doors will look when overlaid onto a photo of their house simply taken on a smart phone and uploaded into the system”. 

“In terms of sales this is a really innovative tool and one which gives those using the system a real advantage when it comes to engaging with potential customers.  It is another of the great features of the system and one which will help users set themselves apart from their competitors”.

“While there are many challenges ahead, products like pricepoint will help to show the industry at its most innovative and creative best and will give installers confidence that they can adapt and prosper.  I am delighted to be a part of the team bringing this truly innovative product to market”.

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